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Australian Shepherd Dogs Breeder in BENTONVILLE, AR, USA

  • Breed(s):

    Australian Shepherd

  • Achievements & Awards:

    2019 AKC number Two owner handled Australian Shepherd in the US. Multiple champion and grand champion dogs over the years.

  • Clubs & Associations:

    Our local kennel club.

  • Services:

    Stud Services Available


We are a hobby breeder of quality AKC registered Australian Shepherds. We breed normally only one or two litters a year and we show. We have very successful in the show ring in 2019 our dog Whisper was the number 2 owner handled Australian Shepherd in America. She is the all time grand champion point leader among Arkansas Australian Shepherds, a spot she took over from her father. It’s are goal to produce healthy happy puppies that are excellent examples on the breed and that are home in the show ring, on the farm doing the work they were originally bred to do or more importantly for most people as a beloved family pet. We have been doing this for quite awhile and a quarter of our puppies normally go to repeat customers. Chaver is the Hebrew word for friend and buyers of our puppies frequently become our friends. We love this breed. I run into people all the time who will say something like, “I used to own an Aussie, best dog I ever owned. Don’t get me wrong, I love my lab, but it’s not the same.” I believe that if you combined all the positive traits you commonly find in any dog and then increase them by at least 10 percent you have your average Aussie. Aussies are among both the geniuses and supper athletes of the dog world. They want to do what ever you are doing. One friend of ours who started out as a customer credits the two Aussies he got from us with enabling him to survive the death of his wife. He says, “His dogs have the whole empathy thing nailed.” I think he’s right, they focus on their people and live to be with them, I have an old dog that long ago retired from both the show ring and from our breeding program. My wife once said that, “I’d lie in traffic for that boy.” I replied “I’m sure he would do the same for me.” We microchip all our puppies and register them with AKC for you. We want to hear from you and ask that you send us pictures of your puppy as he or she grows.

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