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English Shepherds of Sycamore Spring
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USAEnglish Shepherds of Sycamore Spring

English Shepherd Dogs Breeder in FREDERICK, MD, USA

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    English Shepherd

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    English Shepherd Club

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At Sycamore Spring Farm we are passionate about preserving what we consider a national treasure-the hunting, herding, guarding, babysitting - English Shepherd-a true American Working Farm Collie. Our dogs are bred for excellent health, superior intelligence, and a deeply ingrained desire to please their master. English Shepherds are intelligent, alert, responsive working dogs. They are exceptionally devoted, and sensitive and have a strong desire to work in partnership with their owner, whatever the task. English Shepherds have a strong herding instinct with exceptional agility, stamina, and stout-hearted perseverance. The breed has been long valued for its tracking, hunting, and treeing abilities in addition to Herding and Guarding. Their unique blend of intelligence, athleticism, and trainability, allows them to excel at many of the newer dog sports at the highest levels of obedience and agility. They also make outstanding partners in Search and Rescue, and many English Shepherds are certified Therapy Dogs. English Shepherds are truly all-purpose dogs, eager to work for their owners in a variety of settings. As responsible, professional breeders we can assist you in determining if the breed is right for you, your family, and your situation. Call and find out when our next litter is due. Let us introduce you to and educate you about these amazing, diverse dogs. 301-788-6980 All our pups are farm born and raised. We have a socialization plan that will expose the pups to barnyard stock & poultry interactions. We are also fortunate to have lots of visitors to our farm and all our puppy litters are involved in lots of different people situations. A well-bred and socialized pup is very people-friendly and a joy to be around. They bond and respond quickly when treated respectfully and trained with fairness, firmness and fun. ‚ÄčAll of this early positive imprinting will prove POSITIVELY BENEFICIAL in your adult dog.

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