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German Shorthaired Pointer and Weimaraner puppies
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USAGerman Shorthaired Pointer and Weimaraner puppies

German Shorthaired Pointer, Weimaraner and French Bulldog Dogs Breeder in LAS VEGAS, NV, USA


Breeding Champion Bloodline. Hege-Haus (1936-2005) Short History Karin Stramann (1925-2004), the daughter of the kennel founder included a short history of the kennel in the fancy booklet "Schoenheit und Leistung" that she offered to the guests of a private show that took place in 1984 at the kennel grounds. Most of the following information is based on this booklet. Dr. Hegemann (1887-1982), the kennel founder used to breed Deutsch Drahthaar and Kleiner Musterlander before starting with the Deutsch Kurzhaar. The hunting performances were the main criteria of breeding and selection, as Dr. Hegemann was a passionate and dedicated hunter until the last moment of his life. He used to keep notes about the dogs, like "too small; too boisterous; not sharp; killed too late; little enthusiasm to trail scent and conformation only just OK". Gun-shy dogs never returned from hunting (Stramann, 1984). Dr. Hegemann trained and lead his KS Bodo vom Hege-Haus to the first Kleemann Pruefung, that took place in 1939. Frau Stramann wrote "Bodo was the foundation male of Hege-Haus kennel". In spite of the devastation wrought to the breed by the World War II, the Hege-Haus bloodline continued through the sons and grandsons of KS Bodo vom Hege-Haus. The purchase of Adda vom Wasserschling, who harmonised very well with the Hege-Haus males, provided the kennel with a "motherline" which has been followed by Frau Stramann ever since. She wrote "Hege-Haus and Wasserschling obviously harmonised". WS Ciro vom Bichtelwald was purchased by the Stramanns to improve the heads and hindquarters of the inbred Hege-Haus dogs. The acquisition was more than justified as he proved to be a superb producer, not just for Hege-Haus and Niestetal (the kennel name Wilhelm Stramann had purchased in 1970), but also for many breeders throughout Germany. This enumeration of dog names may be boring, but they were some of the most important producers, that left their gnd German Shorthaired Pointer.

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