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HENRY, VA, 24102, USA
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USAHappy Little Kennels

Irish Doodle, Poodle (Standard) and Aussiedoodle Dogs Breeder in HENRY, VA, USA


Here at Happy Happy Little Kennels we breed Happy Little Poodles and Aussie Doodles, but we aren't a kennel in the real sense of the word. Our dogs are our companions and we raise them in our home with our family. Kennels are only used for those times when mamas need a little more privacy than our busy home can provide. Our kennels are climate controlled, and mom's always have access to a fenced in play yard. Once puppies are old enough to explore on their own they are socialized with our other dogs, cats, chickens, and ducks. We want our babies to be accustomed to all sort of animals. As they grow puppies are turned loose in our fenced in backyard for real play time every day. They can safely learn about bigger farm animals (horses, and cows) who's fence joins their own. And they also get to experience all the unexpected sounds and stimuli that farms and farm equipment can supply. In the evenings they are tucked into bed either in a puppy pen in my kitchen, or in the kennel with their mom, if they're the babies of our overly protective mama. Typically we don't allow people to visit our puppies if we have a litter that is under six weeks old as this can pose a health hazard for the little guys until they've had all their shots. We are more than happy to supply all the pictures and videos calls the you desire. I do not ship puppies, but am happy to meet you somewhere local, or even travel to deliver your puppy for transportation fee to cover my fuel costs. I prefer not to have people pick up puppies at our home at this time. We have children as well as puppies and we feel that it is safest to meet somewhere other than where we live. Our website is currently under construction. Stay tuned for pics of our home, facilities, and our especially our furry best friends.

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