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Morkie Maltipoo
AMITY, AR, 71921, USA
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USAMorkie Maltipoo

Morkie and Morkie-Poodle (Miniature) Mix Dogs Breeder in AMITY, AR, USA

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    Morkie, Morkie-Poodle (Miniature) Mix

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Hello, I'm Ralph and my wife's Paula. We bought Tash, a female Morkie (Maltese + Yorkshire mix) 7 yrs. ago; quickly falling in love with the breed. At that time our four kids were 10 yrs., 8yrs., 2 yrs. and 6 months. We were very impressed how patient and trusting Tash was with our toddlers overall (for a small breed this is huge). This breed adapts to any family size. They are loyal and love to snuggle. Having Tash, compelled Paula to start breeding the best Morkie & Maltipoo we could afford, in order to spread the love. Our main mission was and still is to provide a great breed at an affordable price point for good loving families. We believe ourselves to be ethical breeders. Our dog’s names are as follow: dad’s name is Mr. Muss (Maltese + Yorkshire = Morkie), mom (1) Tash (Maltese + Yorkshire = Morkie) and mom (2) Luna (Maltese + Mini-poodle = Maltipoo). When we breed Mr. Muss and Luna we get what we call a “Morkipoo” which is a 50% Maltese, 25% Yorkshire and 25% Mini Poodle. For any more questions or just to get in touch please write to us via email / text or call us. ***************SHIPPING/DELIVERY INFORMATION********* 1. We live in Arkansas. If you live in Arkansas we will meet you in a safe-half-way point preferably at a Walmart parking lot or something similar. 2. We will meet a buyer who is out of state but lives within a 5 hour radius from us. If we must travel more than 5 hours from our area then the price of the puppy will at least double (gas, vehicle wear and tear, stress, it has to be worth it). 3. Puppies going by plane: All logistical issues and fees must be paid in full by the puppy's parents. The TSA specific pet carrier's is your responsibility to purchase and to ship to us (Amazon is best: you buy online and have it shipped straight to us.). We deliver the puppy in your carrier to the airline you have designated for us. *IMPORTANT* Puppies may only fly out of Little Rock International Airport or Hot Springs Airport.

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    Rafael & Paula

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    AMITY, AR, 71921 USAUSA

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