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Olde English Bulldogge, Victorian Bulldogge and Bulldog Dogs Breeder in MANSFIELD, GA, USA


We are a small family owned business that fell in love with the Olde English Bulldog breed over 15 years ago. Our kennel was established to share our love of this amazing breed. The breed's playful, loyal and even temperament make them the ideal family member for all types of families; especially those with children. Each dog in our kennel is selectively chosen based on key qualities of: health, temperament, confirmation, and bloodlines. They are DNA tested through Embark, and receive regular vet checks and health care by both our local vet, and the University of Georgia. Each dog has their individual kennel in a climate controlled space. Our kennels are cleaned daily, and deep cleaned multiple times a week. There are several fenced in outside areas where each dog spends the majority of their day playing. Each fenced in area has automatic waters and is designed to provide the dogs with sunshine, shade, and shelter. A variety of toys provide the dogs with both physical and mental exercise. Extensive time is spent with all of our dogs in a variety situations teaching them to calmly and appropriately navigate any situation. They visit local parks, events and pet friendly stores with us. Time is spent both playing with each dog individually, and playing with the dogs in a group setting on our farm. They hang out with us while we are taking care of both the horses and chickens, and completing yard work. In the evenings, when we are done with all the chores, they enjoy watching Netflix and relaxing with us inside our home. We have selectively built our program around dogs that we want as our own personal pets. We understand the needs and wants of most families when they are selecting their new pet. Specializing in high quality, healthy, athletic, and loyal family members ensures that our program is providing families with an animal that is not "just a dog", but is a family member.

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