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Pug Dogs Breeder in NEW RIVER, AZ, USA

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Diamond Dogs practices holistic dog breeding and natural rearing of puppies which is a philosophy that involves dogs conforming to a natural way of living- the way nature intended them to be. Holistic breeding avoids unnatural supplements, commercial dog food and stays away from unnecessary vaccines. Diamond Dogs natural rearing focuses on a natural raw meat and bones diet, holistic supplements, occasional herbal treatments, aromatherapy, (acupuncture for older Pugs) and keeping the puppy and adult dogs as close to nature as possible. Diamond Dogs natural dog rearing practices vaccine safety and avoids over-vaccination at all cost. Diamond Dogs follows the precepts of holistic care. Puppy buyers are bound by contract to only see a Holistic Veterinarian or Integrative Veterinarian approved by the breeder. Diamond Dogs Pug puppies are on a whole food raw meat, raw bones diet and this must be maintained by the buyer along with daily prebiotic and probiotic supplements. In the past, dogs lived in the wild alongside their closely related ancestors, the wolf. Dogs ran in their own packs and were den animals. They lived on an all-natural diet that involved raw meat, raw bones and organ meats. This meat provided dogs with essential nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. Diamond Dogs holistic dog breeding starts the puppies on the raw food diet from the time that they are able to eat. Diamond Dogs natural rearing uses a variety of supplements to assure the nutritional needs for each Pug puppy. The combination of a raw diet and natural supplements provides our Pug puppies with the maximum level of nutrition which helps them live a very long, vibrant healthy life. Diamond Dogs is dedicated to superior nutrition and proven extended longevity in Pugs that cannot be found elsewhere.

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Pug Puppy for Sale near Arizona, NEW RIVER, USA. ADN-244343. Male Pug Puppy Available Now

Male Pug Puppy Available Now

Date listed: 02/25/2021

Pug Puppy for sale in NEW RIVER, AZ, USA Male Fawn

The sweetest puppy ever! Please email for more information on this sweet boy.

Tags: Pug Puppy Male Fawn Pugs

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